There’s more to the Welcome than just having clean Carpets for Your Guests this Holiday Season

8 Tips for a Welcoming Home this Holiday!

1)      Show your Guests Where the Restroom Is Located!  The first thing your guests probably need and don’t want to ask for is the restroom facility. After a long trip, that’s a must!

2)      Offer Your Guests a Beverage!  After a car ride in the winter, people tend to get a little dry and need a beverage.

3)      Plate of Appetizers! Have a little presentation of finger foods displayed before your guests arrive. It’s likely they will not tell you that they are hungry when they first arrive, but no one can refuse a pretty display of festive food!

4)      Soft Music Playing in the Background! Soft holiday tunes provide an ambience like no other. Especially a little holiday tune! After dinner have a CD available that has TV tunes on it and play a little game guessing what show that tune came from.

5)      Have your Carpet & Upholstery Cleaned! When your guests arrive they will not only be welcomed by the beautiful appearance of your home, but you will know that you are providing a healthy environment for your loved ones.

6)      Fluff the Sheets! Make sure and provide a welcoming touch to your guest bedroom. Freshly cleaned linens just add a personal touch to your welcome!

7)      Provide a Basket of Small Toiletries! In that guest bedroom, provide travel size toiletries in a small basket for those incidentals your guests might have forgotten. Toiletries in of themselves is not an appealing display, but in a cute basket with a bow, that shows just a little touch of concern.

8)      Fire in the Fireplace! If you have available, have a fire going in the fireplace as much of the time as possible. This softens the mood of everyone and provides a relaxing atmosphere. If no fireplace in the home, think about doing a little fire pit outside the window, have the makings for smores, and let the little (or big) kids go outside to make dessert!

We at Chem-Dry of Michiana wish you and yours a very healthy and happy holiday season!

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