Oops…you better call Chem-Dry! This REALLY happened!

This story really happened and the family said we could share the humor. A pesky, obviously quite hungry, squirrel found his way into the outdoor sauna. Amazingly he chewed thru the wood and made himself a comfortable little nest inside the warmth of the sauna. Not happy that his sauna had been invaded, the home owner decided it was time to take action and get rid of the pesky squirrel before he ate more holes into the sauna.  One day the squirrel came back to enter his new “home” and was stunned by the trap. However, this trap only stunned the squirrel into a dazed state.

The two watch dogs of the home decided this dazed squirrel looked like a good lunch. However about the time they tried for the squirrel, he came too and latched onto the dogs lip. The panicked home owner quickly tried to get the squirrel to release from the dog’s lip. Once the squirrel released, the dog’s lip was bleeding and unfortunately the dog made it onto the carpet. Needless to say, Chem-Dry of Michiana had to remove the blood stains on the carpet made by the dog’s mouth!

One just never knows when you might need Chem-Dry of Michiana Carpet Cleaning!

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