Tips on Cleaning Upholstery to Extend it’s Life

Tips for Cleaning Your Own Upholstery!Better Way to Clean

Your sofas and chairs will last years longer if you do some regular maintenance. Whether they are fabric, leather or vinyl, your furniture needs some regular care.

Follow these easy steps to clean your upholstered furniture:

  •  Remove loose cushions, pillows and blankets from the furniture.
  • “Dust” the furniture with a soft dustpan brush to loosen the dirt.
  •  Immediately vacuum the loosened dirt and all the “cracks” of the furniture.
  • Vacuum the back, the skirt and all the loose cushions and throw pillows. This will get rid of all the loose particles than can “rub” the fibers of the upholstery when a person has contact.
  • Vacuum your furniture at least once a monthly. Ideally once a week if the furniture sees high traffic use.
  • Have your upholstery cleaned professionally at least once a year. You will be amazed at how bright and new your furniture will look. And you will have peace of mind knowing your furniture is clean and healthy
  • Chem-Dry of Michiana has been cleaning upholstery in the Michiana area for over 26 years. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us!

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