Baking Soda for Household Green Cleaning

Baking soda has become one of my staple cleaning agents in my home. Having Chem-Dryowned Chem-Dry of Michiana for 26 years, we have come to really value the importance of  green cleaning  for our carpet, upholstery, tile and grout, and oriental rugs. For awhile now I’ve been wondering about the other areas in my home, and have found some great ideas with baking soda. Ideas I’ve tried that I know work fabulously include:

Baking Soda for Green CleaningOven Door: Spray a mix of white vinegar and water. Then cover with BAKING SODA. Then cover with Kosher Salt. Spray vinegar again and water mixture. You can hear the sizzle. Let stand at least 15-20 minutes (overnight would be better) and wipe clean. Amazing!

Laundry: I add ½ cup (usually I pour a little in the washer) BAKING SODA to my whites and really dirty towels. Things really seem cleaner and fresher when the load is done.

Refrigerator or Other Odor Areas: Place an opened box of BAKING SODA in the fridge, freezer, closets, cabinets, or anywhere you want to remove odors. I knew about the appliance trick but works for all odor areas!

For your teeth:  Mix 1 tsp BAKING SODA, 1 tsp Hydrogen Peroxide and enough tooth paste to make a paste. Brush for 2 minutes. Use 1 time a week until teeth are white, then 1 time a month for maintained whiteness.

Toilet Bowl: Put in 1 cup BAKING SODA in toilet bowl for stubborn stains, let sit for 30 minutes, spray with vinegar and scrub.  Helps with stain, odor and cleanliness!

Ideas I plan on trying very soon:

Countertops and bathroom sinks: Mix 2 part vinegar with 1 part BAKING SODA and 4 parts water. Apply with sponge, scour and wipe away.

Stains in Kitchen or Bath: Use 3 parts BAKING SODA to 1 part water for counter stains.

Pots and Pans: Sprinkle BAKING SODA on bottom of pot with burnt food. Soak in hot water overnight and scrub Flowers: Put 1 tablespoon of BAKING SODA in the water to keep flowers fresher.

Dishwasher: Sprinkle BAKING SODA in bottom of dishwasher before wash cycle for odors.

Produce: Dust with BAKING SODA when washing to get  extra clean.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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