Do you Think Your Carpet Stains are Permanent?

Stains on the CarpetCarpets come in all colors with light colored carpets showing more stains than a darker colored carpet. But any carpets, light or dark, that are protected with factory applied protection have a really good chance with stain removal. However, protectants are not bullet proof and some stains can be permanent. It is important to know the difference between permanent carpet stains and stains that have just adhered to the carpet fibers but can be removed.

An example of a permanent stain would come from bleach, or a product that has bleach in it like a household cleaner.  Bleach will remove the dye color from the carpet. An area discolored by bleach needs to have color added back into the carpet or it will be a permanent stain. Your best bet in a bleach stain is to call a professional to discuss your options of spot dying or a carpet repair.

Stains consisting of dyes, such as nail polish, juice, food, drink spills or fruit punch, are in many cases removable by a Chem-Dry technician. Your best bet when a stain appears from a dye product is to blot it with a white towel to remove as much moisture as you can and then call us. We can guide you as to the best procedure for your stain. Many times a dye stain can become a permanent stain just from the product you put on it to try and remove it!

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