Staying Warm in these Frigid Temperatures

Staying Warm this WinterSome healthy tips on staying warm since Michiana is getting sub-zero temperatures. We haven’t seen temperatures like this in years. Some tips on staying warm:

* Layer Up – Amazingly you need to layer up with thin clothes, not heavy bulky things. Thinner clothes help trap in the body heat.

* Cover Skin – Exposing skin to cold air makes you feel colder.

* Drink Warm, Decaffeinated Beverages – Caffeine increases blood flow to the skin which initially makes you feel warm, but your body is actually losing heat. Alcohol does the same thing as caffeine. So drink herbal tea or a warm drink.

* Exercise – We all know that exercise boosts endorphines to boost our mood but it also will get your blood pumping and will heat up your skin!

* Keep Skin Dry – Chilled skin makes you feel cold! In your clothes layering, use a wicking material shirt as your base layer to help keep the sweat off  your body.

* Cover Your Head – Wear a hat, scarf or hood as most heat loss is thru your head!

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