Suggestions When You Buy New Carpet

New CarpetSome of our closest friends have asked us, “I’m going to replace the carpet in my family room. What is the best kind of carpet to buy?”. We always tell them 3 main things to look for when they are ready to purchase new carpet:

1) Look for a carpet that’s made with a nylon fiber. A nylon fiber will not mat down as easily or as quickly as some of the other fibers. And a nylon fiber is easier to clean.

2) Make sure the carpet has a high density. Over time, a higher density will allow the carpet to wear better.

3) Don’t buy a “solid” color. Try to find something you like that has a few different colors in it. Your carpet can be beige, but make sure it has some other beige “speckles” in it.  A solid color carpet will show spots and wear quicker.

Most new carpets are sold with a protectants on them. If for some reason you need protectants applied to the carpet, give Chem-Dry of Michiana a call. By protecting your carpet investment you give yourself time to clean up a spill and it also allows for soils to release easier when vacuuming.


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