What is a Good Way to Keep my Carpets Cleaner, Longer?

Shoes at the DoorKeep the shoes at the door! The Japanese have been leaving their shoes at the door for centuries. They believe that when you do this, you leave the outside world at the door. And how true is this? When we leave our shoes at the door, we eliminate the dirt, bacteria and allergens from entering our home, and our carpets, that was on our shoes.

What is on the Bottom of my Shoes?

I was amazed the other day when I looked at the bottom of my shoes. And I am guilty of not removing my shoes when I enter my home. This will have to change as I do not want all that dirt, sand, and grime in my carpet or on my floors. It’s no wonder I need to vacuum every day. (Although it is recommended you vacuum your home 2-4 times per week).

Some Tips to get People to remove their Shoes at the Door

Sign at the Door

A helpful reminder is always a good idea. It might seem a little drastic at first when people realize you are serious about a “no shoes policy”, but they will get the idea. And keep reminding them how much cleaner your home will stay!

Have a “Shoe Station” at the Door

Have a cubicle area for everyone to put their shoes when they enter the house. A fun idea would be to buy some slippers for your family and your guests. If they have something to put on their feet when they enter the house, they are more likely to follow your “no shoes policy”.

Provide a Fun Bench to Sit on When Un-Lacing Shoes

A good excuse to go shopping! Find a fun bench or chair to put next to the shoe cubicle. If you are real creative you could even put a fun rhyme or humorous quote on the seat of the chair. This little area could develop into a fun, creative area in your home that others will want to copy.

The best way to keep pollutants and bacteria away from your carpets is by nipping it at the source! When you enforce a “no shoes, no service” policy in your home, you’ll keep your home cleaner and your family healthier. It’s a win/win, and one of the best ways to maintain beautiful carpets in between your professional carpet cleanings!

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