Is the Smell of Pet Urine Accidents Starting to Stink Up Your Home?

I'm Sorry PuppyCan you smell that “sweet” smell of urine? It’s no wonder with our humidity levels increasing! As the humidity goes up outside, those accidents from this winter become more apparent. With high heat, high humidity, there are more water molecules in the air. This combination allows the bacteria in the urine crystals to become moist and reactivates the smell that may not have been as noticeable in the winter months.

That urine spot may have started as a small spot this winter, but what you can’t see could be making your home unhealthy. Once the urine soaks into the carpet, it can double in size underneath. This can leave you with a very strong odor. Since we can’t see the backside of our wall-to-wall carpet, it can be hard to determine where those “unnoticeable” spots are located.

Urine on Carpet with Black LightDid you know that urine will glow under a UV light? Chem-Dry technicians can come into your home and use a black light to show you exactly where those urine spots are. This free evaluation will show us exactly where to apply our product, Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.). You will need as much P.U.R.T. as how much urine soaked into your carpets originally to rid your home of pet urine issues.

Once your carpet is treated with P.U.R.T., the area will stay damp for 24-48 hours. This gives the P.U.R.T. dwell time to do its magic. While the process is working to decompose those urine crystals, you may notice a slight off-gassing odor that can linger for a few days. This is all normal and means P.U.R.T. is working!

No need to put up with the odor of pet urine. Call Chem-Dry of Michiaina today for a free black light inspection and make your home a healthier place to live!

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