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Back-to-School Tips

Back to SchoolEverything has a place! After only a few days your home can start to look like a junk drawer with all the back-to-school essentials laying everywhere. Create a “catch-all” area with a few bins, stacked shelves, shoe racks and a rubber mat. This can be where all the backpacks, shoes, boots, and gym shoes “land” when the kids get home from school.

Tracking Invites and Meetings!  Don’t stick all these pieces of paper all over your refrigerator. Rather organize all the events by chronological order and place in a large “paper-clip” that has a magnetic back for the fridge. This way everything is not only in one place, but also you know what’s coming up on the schedule.

Create a Homework Station! Have a designated area in your home (ours was always in the kitchen) where the kids can do their homework. This can be a small area, but you should keep a few staple, school supplies on hand like pens, paper and pencil for the child that forgot things at school. After homework is completed, have child put immediately in back pack so as the homework is not forgotten the next day. Then the back pack can go to the “catch-all” area!

Picking Breakfast Menu is a Reward! It’s no longer necessary to holler every morning for the kids to hurry up and get dressed. Rather, have the stipulation that the first child down the stairs and fully dressed gets to pick breakfast for the entire family that day. Have a few easy selections to choose from!

Don’t Forget to Brush!  There’s always that time or two when a child forgets to brush their teeth. Rather than waste precious moments and possible dilly-dallying, keep a few toothbrushes in the kitchen so they can quickly brush their teeth before they walk out the door.

These tips are just a few ideas on helping you create a healthy, stress-free home this school year.