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Is it Important to Clean Your Tile, Grout & Stone Floors?

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Just like with your carpet or upholstery, the tile and stone in your home can also accumulate dirt over time. This can not only give the floor an appearance of being “dull”, but it can also discolor the grout. And over time, as the dirt builds up in your tile and stone surfaces, it can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria to settle into your floors.

Eventually you will need specialized cleaning solutions and powerful suction equipment to get your floors free of the dirt and bacteria. To actually spend hours on your hands and knees is back breaking work and many times the dirt just doesn’t want to release unless you have certain solutions and powerful suction.

Chem-Dry of Michiana has the specialized cleaning solutions and the powerful equipment to get your tile and stone clean and healthy. We can gently “blast” the dirt and grime from your tile and stone floors. This will leave your floors clean, healthy and extend the life of your floor surfaces.

If you think your tile or stone might be ready for a professional cleaning, call us to schedule a free demonstration and free estimate. This will determine whether it’s time to hire a professioal for the tile and stone in your home!

Importance of Clean Tile and Grout Floors

Tips on Cleaning your Tile and Grout. The grout that is between the space in your tile can accumulate dirt and dust over time. Cleaning your tile and grout is very important because dirty grout not only gives an unpleasant appearance, it can become unhealthy as well.

But you say, cleaning my tile and grout floors can be difficult and time consuming. Many people think heavy scrubbing and bleach is the only way to clean these areas effectively, but this can actually damage your tiles. As well, many Do It Yourself methods can lead to dissatisfaction with the cleaning, and also leave your arms and knees very sore.

Different floors need different cleaning agents and systems. Grout can be made of cement based, epoxy based or  resin components as well as sanded or non-sanded categories. Chem-Dry of Michiana’s tile and grout expert can help you identify your grout and give you tips on cleaning and caring for your floor. Call today for some free advise and a free estimate.

To keep your tile and grout Drier. Cleaner. Healtheir. Contact us to find out more about our tile and grout cleaning services in the South Bend and Elkhart Area!