The Importance of a Clean Mattress

Beautiful mattress and bed set built for photography in the studSince we spend about one-third of our lives on our mattress, it’s important that our mattress remain clean and healthy. We have heard for years to rotate our mattress, but with the newer styles, “rotating” no longer applies. Rather we can turn our mattress every 3 months from head to toe, but the issue of cleaning still remains. Not only will a clean mattress last longer, the health benefits should also be considered to promote a more pleasant and productive night’s sleep.

According to Consumer’s Reports, you should clean your own mattress twice a year. Their five easy steps summarized:

  • Start by cleaning all sheets and bedding with the hottest water and use dry heat to dry the items. Cleaning the bed linens should be done more than twice a year.
  • Vacuum the mattress surface with your vacuum cleaner getting all the seams and crevices.
  • Spot clean stains with an appropriate cleaner.
  • Sprinkle baking soda over entire surface. For best results leave baking soda for 24 hours. This might need to be done while on an overnight trip or sleep elsewhere in your home
  • Vacuum surface again and use a mattress cover.

For the full Consumer Report’s article: CMYK_Allergy_Icon_Vertical_Print_Outlines_V2

When you want your mattress professionally cleaned to rid the mattress of 98% of the allergens and 89% of the bacteria, call Chem-Dry of Michiana for a free estimate. It has been proven in a laboratory that when Chem-Dry cleans, we do make your home healthier! To learn more about our allergen study conducted by an outside laboratory:


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